Crystal Jewellery Cleansing

3 Simple Ways to Cleanse Crystals

SeleniteYou can cleanse your crystals with other crystals. Selenite is one of the most popular crystals used to cleanse and charge other crystals and stones due to its powerful energetic properties and the ability to charge itself.  White SageWhite Sage smoke is also a great tool for cleansing. Hold above a stream of the sage smoke with the intention of cleansing it. I like to then cleanse myself by swishing the smoke around myself. Feels yummy.VisualizationSit comfortably and take in a few gentle breaths. Scan your body for any areas of tension and release. Once you feel relaxed, visualize a...

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YogaRenew Yoga Teacher Training

My yogic path started in 2016 when a friend invited me to a vinyasa class. I was hooked almost from the start even though I felt like a zombie after these initial classes. The asanas were a wonderful start for me but I was beginning to see that there was so much more to learn. In the western world we focus more on the athletic side of yoga whereas its 15,000 year history has so much accumulated knowledge to tap into and I was ready to explore. The next logical step for me was to take a 200 hour yoga...

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