Transformation Is In The Air!

photo credit: Torsten Dettlaff

Are you thinking about self-transformation lately? It could be because Spring is here and it lends itself naturally as a time of transformation. The earth is starting to express itself once more with the help of the sun, rain and lightning. Yes, even lightning! Did you know that when lightning strikes the earth, it creates a natural fertilizer that plants absorb through their roots. Maybe a little metaphorical lightning is coming your way to zap you into transformation!

As I see it, transformation on a personal level is simply stepping one foot in front of the other and going forward to achieve your goal. The happy news is that, just as in nature, we are not alone in our journey. However, it means that we need to start being aware of the signs around us giving direction. They likely will not be very dramatic but deep in our soul, we know it is something important.

As an example, I was at a low point in my life and was out walking when all of a sudden I heard a teeny weeny meow. I looked up and saw a small kitten up in a tree wanting to get down but didn’t know how to. I started to encourage the little one to just take one step at a time to reach the ground. Soon, he reached the ground and scampered away. I immediately saw the lesson in this and told myself that all I needed to do is to take one step at a time forward.

3 Ways to Embrace Transformation in Your Life
Only you know the areas in your life that are stagnant. However once you get moving, the natural flow is to keep moving because “a body in motion stays in motion, a body at rest stays at rest”. To get the juices flowing, here are a few ideas you might find helpful: 

1. Sage yourself and your home. Saging is an ancient North American ritual for clearing negative energy from yourself, your home or objects. Sage yourself and your home remembering to open the front door and windows to let the negative energy out.

2. Spend time in nature often. Nature is a natural healer and mood transformer. Wear this Grounding Bracelet made of Picture Jasper to connect more strongly with the earth

3. Go outside your comfort zone every day. Your world will get a bit more larger each time you face a fear. Remember that fear is simply a natural part of growth. Wear your Courage bracelet for the healing energy of blue calsilica jasper and onyx to help you be meet life's challenges.

My wish for you is that lightning strikes the soil of your life and infuses it with nutrients to grow and fill your life with joy, happiness and love. Happy Spring! 







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