My Story

It doesn’t take much . . .

Sometimes an entire new direction in life begins with just a “hmmm” moment.  One such moment happened while I lazily strolled a sun-drenched Florida beach picking up unique sea shells. Hmmm . . . I should take some home and make jewellery with them. Sea shell jewellery never did stick but it led me to start learning about jewellery creation. 

Flash forward! Beads, gemstones and classes led me to create Peruvian wire bracelets, silver chainmaille bracelets, etc. Sore fingers, tired eyes and sometimes frustration but I was obsessed. I enjoyed making these traditional pieces but something was missing.

Flash forward again! I started yoga in March 2015 and discovered MALAS!!! How about I create jewellery with meaning? How cool is that! Now, this really stuck!! Malas for meditation, chanting and just plain wearing cause they are pretty! This idea evolved into not only creating malas but also jewellery with the goal of making the world a bit nicer place to be in.

My vision is that the wearer will experience soul nourishment to help journey through life.