My Story

Mystic Mala founderMystic Mala pieces are created with the intention of accompanying you at different pivot points in your life. It is there for you as a visual and tactile reminder of who you aspire to be and where you want your life to go. My hope is that each Mystic Mala adornment can be your companion along your life journey.
Choose a piece that speaks to a current life event or go with your gut instinct and let the piece choose you. Stones such as Rose Quartz  emit healing heart energy. Jaspers are grounding and keep you in touch with yourself without getting caught up in other’s drama or your own. Clear Quartz is the Master crystal and amplifies the other crystals surrounding it.
Enjoy your Mystic Mala jewellery for the energy of the stones, as a meditation aid or simply just to wear as a fashion piece.

♥Irene V