Mala Care

How do I care for my Mala?
Malas are not meant to be worn during yoga practice or high energy activity. Place your mala on your mat during yoga as a visual reminder of your personal intention. Treat your mala(s) with care and respect as they form part of your personal journey.

Tassel Care
Tassels can be cleaned by dipping them in a bowl of warm water and a touch of mild soap. Rinse in warm water, comb the strands gently and lay flat to dry. You can even trim the ends while wet with sharp scissors to give them a bit of a haircut if needed. Flatten while wet and then trim them to give a beautiful, clean edge to your tassel.

How do I care for my bracelet?
Please roll your bracelet on rather than stretching it on. This will help prevent the elastic from stretching and breaking.

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