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Tibetan Courage

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Healing  Cleansing  Courage

"Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.” Thich Nhat Hahn

Tibetan Agate

Tibetan Agate and Garnet unite synergistically for an all-round healing experience. The beautiful Tibetan Agate is known for healing the mind, body and spirit. It has a stabilizing effect on the body, cleansing at the physical and emotional level. This agate in particular produces strength, power and courage, enhances truthfulness and brings forth understanding. Tibetan Agates are also known as Tibetan Dzi agates. Dzi (pronounced as zeeee…) originated from Tibet and the Himalayan mountains. In Tibetan this word can simply be translated to bring good meanings of “splendor, brightness and shine”. It comes in different shapes and sizes and is dark colored agate bead etched with a number of eyes, heavenly patterns and auspicious symbols.

Garnet has long been thought of as a travellers' stone. Noah's Ark is said to have had a garnet lantern to help navigate during the night. Affiliated with the root chakra. A strong root chakra is associated with healthy sexual activity and feelings of security and stability. Garnet is also thought to promote successful business, encourage compassion and aid self-confidence. Garnet is a stone of regeneration and energizing. Garnet can boost the energy of an entire system and revitalize it. It is said to be stabilizing in that it can bring order to chaos whether internal or external. 
Chakra: Root (1st).

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